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Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Coming into presence


The Yoga we will be practising is Hatha / Vinyasa Flow Yoga, which simply means a method of yoga that honours the breath in relation to intentional physical sequences of form. Mind and breath arranging themselves into a state of integration to create harmonious movement.

When mind detaches itself from modifications by attending instead to intelligent movement, it is able to suspend itself from habitual conditioning. Yoga or ‘Union’ is experienced when the mind puts aside its role of interpreter so that all that is left is the pure phenomenological experience of what is happening. 

This process is greatly valued by our nervous systems, and can support the stimulation of fresh neurological pathways.

The Vinyasa Flow Yoga is somatic-based which means it is focused on creating a more embodied experience of life. A movement meditation that supports presence and awareness to what is actually happening in each moment.

Our bodies are sensing organisms full of wisdom if we care to listen, and yet so often we treat them like storage sites for outdated thoughts and emotions.

Awakening our sensory awareness to our inner terrains is key to staying present and living life fully. Yoga is about harmony and balance, so my hope is that you will be returning home with plenty of new resources and a solid understanding of what that feels like for you.

‘Yoga as a movement meditation makes us aware of our attachments and more able to release habitual patterns’  

Yoga Platform
Waterfalls at Rydal
Yoga Workshop
Yoga in the yurt
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