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Book your own retreat dates with a group of 6 -10 people. 

Please check hut availability for the dates you would like online at: www.theherdwickhuts.co.uk


'Meeting Life' - Spring Retreat: 20th March until 23rd 2020


This retreat is all about accessing our joy and making joy our neutral point.

Building resources to experience joy on a cellular level no matter what is happening in the external world.

'Opening the Heart to Joy' - Summer Retreat: 26th June until 29th 2020

Celebrating life starts as a somatic experience within the body. The more we can open, the more we can receive. Feeling spacious is essential to our well - being and receptivity to life.

*Heart Mantra


*Opening to life

*Vinyasa Flow sequencing

*Working with the solar plexus

*Embodied meditation

'Letting Go' - Autumn Retreat: 2nd - 5th October 2020


This retreat honours the season with a deep Yin practice of creating more space and acceptance on the inside. By letting go of tension stored in the fascia/connective tissue we can allow energy to move more freely.

*Pranayama - Diaphragmatic breathing
*Yin sequences for the back
*Yin sequences for the hips and psoas
*Yin for the solar plexus
*Back to our bones - meditation
*Deep Nidra

'Dreaming and Seeding' - Winter Retreat: 15th - 18th January 2021

Sutra 1.12 - Steady effort and non - attachment

Finding and nurturing our Present - Future awareness by recognising and discarding beliefs/stories that are old and constricting. Setting clear intentions and embodying the emotional experience of our intentions in the here and now.

*Pranayama - Nadi Shodana 
*Setting clear intentions
*Gentle somatic pandiculation to reset muscle function and nervous system
*Asana for activating the solar plexus for confidence and will power
*Heart openers to receive life
*Learning the difference between softening and collapse
*Embodying intentions in our present emotions

'Meeting Life' - Spring Retreat: March 12th until 15th  2021

This retreat is all about accessing our joy and making joy our neutral point.

Building resources to experience joy on a cellular level no matter what is happening in the external world.

*Breath of joy pranayama and mantra

*Restorative heart openers

*standing heart opener postures 

*Sequencing for joy

*Opening to joy with vinyasa flow


Prices are based on either two people sharing a Shepherd's Hut or an individual Shepherd's Hut for a 3 night weekend. These prices apply to both customised retreat dates or the set dates.

£449.00 for 2 person's sharing accommodation.

£359.00 for private accommodation.

Includes: Continental breakfast hamper and snacks for the 3 days in your hut and 2 x 4hr  yoga yurt workshops, both Saturday and Sunday from10am until 2pm. Please note that the afternoon and evenings are kept free for you to explore the local surroundings. There are many great restaurants to choose from in both Ambleside and Grasmere.

Free parking at the huts

Please be aware that there are self catering facilities in the hut or a range of places to go and eat in both Grasmere and Rydal. Alternatively, you can pop down to the Badger Bar for dinner which

is a 5 min walk from the huts. Remember to book a table in advance if you are arriving late and bring a head torch for walking back as there is no light pollution.

Valid for 2 person's sharing accomodatio

What to bring

Head Torch

This is a vital item to bring as there is no light pollution on site and it can get very dark walking back to the huts. The bonus of this are the starry nights!

Battery pack for charging phone

This is a very handy item as even though there are plug sockets in the toilet/shower block, having a battery pack means you can charge whenever you like.

Strong walking boots

We have a stunning walk to our yoga venue that requires sturdy footwear.


"Movement is what we are, not something we do."


"Yoga does not transform the way we see things. It transforms the person who sees."


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